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Emma loves to play outside.  She says “tree” so well now.  She is loving her new slide that we found on the side of the road.  Whenever she wants to go outside she says “side.”  She always runs to get her shoes.  She goes from station to station.  Swing, trampoline, slide, ball and bike.  One day she found a paper towel roll and used it as handcuffs.


MSU Basketball

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The MSU basketball team came to Allen to play in a tournament.  Nana & Papaw came to visit and we all went to the games.

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Happy 2nd Birthday

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Emma had a great birthday party.  So many friends came to celebrate.  It made it extra special that her birthday cake was the reveal as to whether her sibling would be a boy or a girl.  At the ultra sound we brought an envelope for her to put the results in.  We turned around so we wouldn’t see anything.  She found out pretty quickly.  So I had a feeling it was a boy.  A friend made the cake, the inside was either pink or blue.  At the party Josh cut it and revealed a blue cake: BOY!!!  We are so thrilled.  My mom even had a little gift for him.  A few outfits and a precious moments figurine that says I love You Nana.

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Christmas 2011

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For Christmas this year we headed down to Conroe.  We went down after the Christmas eve services at Springcreek.  We stayed in a hotel for the holiday.  On Christmas morning we ate at the hotel and headed to church at The Ark.  It was so fun having the whole family at church.  Emma did a great job in big church.  Then we headed to the house for sandwiches.  Josh read the Christmas story and we took a nice family photo.  Then we opened gifts.  Emma got an Elmo, 100$, a new Retro Kitchen, trampoline, blocks, a beautiful cross and a few clothes items.  Then we went to Carol’s for a nice Christmas dinner.  It was a great day!!!


I’m Gonna Be a Big Sister:)

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Emma’s gonna be a big sister in June.  We all went to see the baby at the ultrasound and got to tell all the family at the Thanksgiving feasts.  We told the “Gray” side right before we were about to eat.  Emma came out in her Big Sister shirt and I said Emma has a new shirt for dinner.  Everyone pretty much got it right away.  We told the “Long” side as we were about to take a family photo.  I had a shirt over her big sister shirt and said “Oh I think she should wear this other one.”  Lisa kept wanting to hold Emma because she was being a little fussy.  I kept saying “But did you see her shirt.”  No one got it for a long time.  Finally Lisa started screaming and Meme got it.  The guys took quite a while to figure it all out.  So fun!  When we told the family in Washington State Nana wanted to just put the shirt on her and see who notices.  After about 5 minutes Aunt Debby said “Kristy’s gonna have another baby.”  We are all very excited to meet this new person.  At Emma’s 2nd bday we will find out if its a boy or girl:)

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Thanksgiving in Conroe

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The week before Thanksgiving we all went down to Conroe to have an early Thanksgiving.  We ate & ate and shopped & shopped.  These pictures were taken at the arboretum a few days before we left.

Buzzing Through

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Halloween 2011 was so fun.  This was the first time Emma went trick or treating.  First she went with Nana & Papaw to Colonial in Wichita Falls.  She went from trunk to trunk getting candy.  She loved seeing the dogs & babies.  Then on Halloween we went over to the Vance’s and went door to door getting candy.  She couldn’t say trick or treat yet but still got all kinds of treats.